Taking the long road

We see a lot of things in the field that make us cringe with concern, and theseĀ  two photos highlight some of those instances. Bypassing safety controls and overload components is never, under any circumstance, an acceptable practice. Even temporarily, for the sake of a clients comfort, this can create a dangerous situation, or cause catastrophic damage. Our goal is to leave each and every job we perform, knowing your system is as close to factory fresh as possible. This ensures your heating and air conditioning system will run as reliably, efficiently, and as safely as the manufacturer designed it to be! We take your safety even more seriously than your comfort. So please forgive us if we can’t, under every circumstance, get your system back online the same day. We promise to return asap to restore your comfort, but safety must always come first. Taking short cuts is not how we operate here at Comfort Craft LLC, and we’ll keep taking the long road to uphold our dedication to uncompromising integrity in everything we do.

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