Have You Checked Your Air Filters Recently?

We’re huge advocates of proper maintenance here at Comfort Craft Heating and Air Conditioning. Many of the repairs we make could have been prevented, or at least caught early on, during a routine Maintenance Inspection. Catching repairs early helps to prevent nuisance break downs when you need your comfort system to work the most!

Changing the air filters regularly is the most important thing a homeowner can do to keep their system operating reliably. The Air Flow arrow, as seen above, needs to point in the direction the air is flowing through the duct, which will always be towards the furnace. The metal mesh on the back side helps keep the pleated surface area in shape, and prevents it from collapsing in the event it is forgotten for a little too long. It is possible for a severely clogged filter to get drawn into the blower and cause damage. Even having no filtration due to a partial collapse will allow dust, dirt, and debris to clog the blower wheel, as well as A/C cooling coil, which can be costly to clean, and will eventually cause poor performance, or complete failure. So be sure to check and change your filters every 1-3 months to keep your air clean, your furnace clean, and your system running the best that it can!



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