Prevent a Dryer Fire!

Utilizing the correct materials for the job is often more important than you might think. Flexible dryer hose is only intended to be used in the shortest length possible to connect your dryer to the vent connection on the wall. However this material is not suitable for the entire dryer vent run through walls, attics, and crawlspaces! That’s what we found here, an excessively long flex hose was used, and the ribbed design had collected dangerous amounts of very flammable lint. We’re Do-It-Yourselfers ourselves, and we can appreciate that quality in our customers as well, but please, PLEASE, do your research first. If you aren’t 120% sure you’re making a mechanical repair correctly, then call in a professional, and save yourself some trouble at very least, and a possible fire or worse! Also, be sure to check and clean your dryer vents every year, and you’ll be on your way to preventing a Dryer Fire!

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